Friday, August 27, 2010

What Questions are You Asking?

Don Miller has an interesting post on "Why the Bible is a Tough Book for Americans."  It's definitely a worthwhile read.  Here's some quotes:
"We all live life asking questions, questions about how to get ahead, how to make life more meaningful, questions about how to survive or help people survive. The question how is an American question, and it rests on the presupposition that we know what life is really about."
"The problem Christians face is the Bible is not attempting to answer how questions. And if it is, it’s a terribly written book and not practical in any way in terms of addressing how to succeed, how to get married, how to be more sexy, how to lose weight, how to organize your finances or how to build a business. Instead, the Bible is a why book. The Bible is answering much larger questions: Why do we exist, why do we not feel loved, why is there pain in the world, why has God left us and so forth."
"So what does the Bible say to the Average American [and I'd say to the average New Zealander]? Among other things, it says this: You are asking the wrong questions."

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