Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What He Reads

Michael Hyatt has posted what his reading list is these days.  I thought it was good because 1) it's interesting to see what highly successful people read (and how much time they spend reading), and 2) it got me onto a bunch of interesting sites that make for good reference.  Check it out if you're keen.


  1. What blogs do you frequent?

    Hi Marcus. I heard a rumour you guys are returning to the Waikato soon. O, can it be?

  2. Hey Dave, thanks for the comment, sounds like a good topic for a blog post!

    Yes Paula got a job sorted up there so we're stoked! They want her to start in late November, so we're gonna pull back our plans to holiday down here for a while, and I'll start work as a proper surveyor around then as well. Definitely looking forward to seeing you all again!