Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The real Bible

Over the years I’ve discovered that it’s generally the simplest things that make the biggest difference. When it comes to the Bible, I’ve often found that the key to getting more out of it is simply to realise that it is talking about people that actually existed, dealing with situations that actually happened. Writing it down like that, it seems so simple as to sound stupid, but I’ve noticed its power to transform how I read things.

It’s far too easy to skim through the Bible, where in the space of a few minutes you can read how Paul addressed an issue in the church, or how Jesus did some miracles in a town and then moved on, or how David spent his early years protecting sheep from bears and things. But the challenge for me is to continually realise that the people of the Bible were in many respects just like me...so that as David stood there facing Goliath, it was real adrenaline running through his actual veins, and real fear making his real heart beat faster, and that this fear is the kind I have when doing something that could potentially kill me. Even the smaller events of the Bible, the ones that only fill half a verse, can become epic when I start to think how it’s real discussions that are taking place, real emotions that are being experienced and actual people getting hurt or encouraged or changed.

Good preachers, I reckon, are those ones who can take a bit of the Bible and sweep away all the social constructs and modern paradigms that hinder us from experiencing what it was like to be there at the event.

Even having written this, it seems like something not worth spending valuable internet space on, but hopefully you get the gist.

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