Monday, July 5, 2010

Rediscovering the Virtues of Self-Management

This morning I discovered the blog of Michael Hyatt, Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. In particular I liked his articles on scheduling time in the "alone zone" and “slay[ing] your dragons before breakfast.”

The fact that I can even spend time at 11:30am reading articles like this probably shows I don’t really need the leadership principles he’s advocating. Being a student, I have a whole heap more time on my hands than he does, and so you could argue that I have no need for his advice.

That said, I find articles like his strangely exciting. They get me wondering where I may end up in life, and help me realise that the decisions I make now are building towards who I am and what I can accomplish in the future. Sure, the decisions I make now aren’t of the same magnitude as those of the CEO of an international company, but they can be just as significant in dictating what I can handle in the future.

I think its always good to be challenged to take a more proactive approach to life, and although I don't fully identify with Hyatt's achievement-driven style, I think everyone can learn something from it.

...and who knows, maybe one day I will wind up as a high-powered executive somewhere someday!

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