Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Perfect Handshake

If you know me much at all you'll know that I appreciate a good handshake.  I realise its not good to judge a man by his handshake, but lets be honest, if you meet a guy who gives you a limp fish you'll think twice before inviting him to go hunting or something.

Well hopefully the poor handshake is in its final days, because a team of researchers somewhere has done the hard yards and figured out the equation for the perfect handshake.  It depends on twelve variables including eye contact, verbal greeting, vigour, temperature of hands and so on.  There's no provision for getting the other hand involved (on the shoulder, elbow or just the old two handed handshake) which I reckon takes the standard handshake to a whole new level, but then I'm pretty sketchy about the whole thing. 

What I'd really like to see is an equation to determine whether to hug a girl or stick with the handshake, which depends on many complex factors such as the duration of time since/until seeing her, eccentricity of the girl, level of friendship, location etc. etc.  Or maybe I'm just awkward.

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